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At Perfect Books we're very proud of our in-store selection, but we just don't have the room to carry every title available. The big box stores can't. Neither can we.

What we can do is get the book or books you want as fast as possible. If you're looking for the first book in a series... If you've had a book recommended to you by a friend and can't quite remember all the details... If you see the book on-line and don't want to pay shipping and handling charges -- contact us and we'll be happy to order it for you. We'll research your order, advise you of price and availability and notify you as soon as it arrives. We're centrally located and open late. If you're out of town, we'll ship by post or any method you prefer.

At Perfect Books, we specialize in special orders.
We're even big-hearted. Questions? Orders? Availability?

NB: Price and availability are dependent upon our suppliers. Therefore, while we cannot guarantee prices or delivery dates, we will do everything we can to monitor your order and inform you of any changes as soon as possible.