Christopher Moore

Bite Me: A Love Story

April 19, 2010

What a night with Chris and a veritable legion of his fans! The location (The Mayfair Theatre) was a perfect venue.... was that mist I saw hovering in the balcony? For those who weren't able to get there or who left it too late to buy tickets, you can imagine what we witnessed. A seriously funny guy. A seriously talented writer who was ready willing, and oh so able to share his passion for writing with us.


Chris had some good fun with us (hockey, metric anything, where not to go when you visit SanFrancisco, what to expect at Bed Bath and Beyond in 'Frisco, and, oh, did I mention hockey?) but also gave us some fascinating insights into his processes. My personal favourite had to be the image of him scoping teen goth websites to get Abby's voce just right.


His real passion is his readers. He spoke and answered questions for the first hour and then spent the next two and a half hours signing, mugging for photos, chatting.... offering the same energy to the last two fans as he did for the first two.




Thanks, Chris. See you again soon!



Check out Chris' website for more fun